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At WellHaven Pet Health, it bubbles down to doing what’s best for the pets. That’s what it’s all about.

What makes us different?

WellHaven is committed to having all of its hospitals work toward accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA sets the standards in high—quality Veterinary medicine as well as being a leader in corporate responsibility programs. To become accredited, companion animal hospitals undergo regular comprehensive evaluations by AAHA veterinary experts who evaluate the practice on approximately 900 standards of veterinary care.

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700 Washington Street, Suite 106
Vancouver, WA 98660
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Exciting News!

WellHaven Pet Health announces their new partnership in Veterinary Telemedicine with Petriage. A cloud-based B2B telemedicine service, which allows veterinarians to service their clients and engage them in the remote care of their patients. The Company’s unique offering is a telemedicine service, in which pet owners are provided a real-time recommendation regarding the need/urgency to seek medical care for their pets.

The use of telemedicine to augment the practice of veterinary medicine, specifically the use of medical imaging and diagnostic technologies is a first step toward improving patient care and the wellbeing of our veterinarians. “We want to meet our clients where they are, and this partnership supports that while helping us “play from the front” in this space,” stated WellHaven Managing Partner, Thomas Reuss.

Petriage was founded in 2015, in Bellevue, Washington, by CEO Allon Freiman, Dr. Shlomo Freiman DVM Cornell University, and Casey Olives, Ph.D. Harvard University. Learn more at petriage.com.

WellHaven Pet Health Downtown Vancouver
700 Washington Street, Suite 106
Vancouver, WA 98660