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Pets bring so much happiness to the home and ask for so little in return: A few belly rubs, playtime, and the occasional treat. Or even more than occasional. Unfortunately, when they aren’t feeling their best, they can’t just come out and tell us. But if you notice your friendly feline or playful pup just aren’t acting like themselves for a few days, it may be time to pay the veterinarians at WellHaven a visit.

In addition to preventive pet care and monthly treatments, the WellHaven in Downtown Vancouver is a leading Vancouver vet offering state-of-the-art equipment to get to the bottom of what’s bothering your four-legged friend. Many of our staff have pets of their own and understand how stressful it can be when they aren’t feeling their best.

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The WellHaven Difference

WellHaven was designed with the well-being of veterinarians and their staff in mind. With more than 200 years of industry experience at the executive level, we strive to provide a healthy work/life balance for our veterinarians and veterinary nurse technicians. We truly believe that when our veterinarians are happy, their patients and their families will be happy as well.

We ensure our veterinarians are allowed to focus on their work by taking care of the administrative tasks. Our nurse technicians are empowered to take on more responsibilities and continue their education. Each of our hospitals has the latest technology (including x-ray equipment and in-house labs) as well as safe, welcoming lobbies for the families that visit.

We believe it all comes together to create an environment that’s geared towards helping your furry family members.

WellHaven Pet Health Veterinary Services

When you first get your pet (or your pet adopts you!), it’s important to establish a baseline for their health. Our initial examinations will help set a path for their health care going forward and annual visits will make sure they stay on a healthy, happy path. We also schedule monthly treatments for parasites and necessary vaccinations as they’re needed.

If something happens to your pet – you know how curious they can get – our hospitals are fully equipped to investigate almost any issues your pets may be having. With radiology (x-ray) equipment, an on-site lab, and an in-house pharmacy, we’re able to quickly test, analyze, and treat your pets. If your pet isn’t feeling their best, call to schedule an appointment at our caring and compassionate Vancouver vet as soon as possible.

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AAHA Certified Veterinary Hospital

The American Animal Hospital Association evaluates veterinarian practices on nearly 900 different standards of high-quality care. WellHaven is committed to having all of our hospitals work towards this accreditation, which includes regular comprehensive evaluations. We feel this is one of the ways to earn your trust when allowing us to take care of your pets.

Pet Wellness Plans Make Taking Care of your Pet’s Health Easy

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, scheduling vet appointments, making payments, or getting monthly treatments can sometimes slip through the cracks. That’s why WellHaven created Wellness Plans: To make it easier for you to give your animals the best health care possible.

We have plans for both younger pets and those a little longer in the tooth, and all of our plans will adapt as your pet ages. In addition to general care, we also offer dental plans for both dogs and cats to ensure their oral care remains a priority. For a monthly fee, you’ll have access to unlimited hospital visits, annual vaccinations, parasite treatments, blood work, and more. This ensures little problems your pet may be having won’t turn into big issues.

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Keeping up with your pet’s health from your mobile device has never been easier! With our new app, you’ll have all of your pet’s health information in the palm of your hand. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with us much easier. You’ll be able to:

  • Request Appointments 24/7
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Have questions about our new app? Our contact information can be found on the bottom of this page!

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