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Thank you from all of us at WellHaven Pet Health Downtown Vancouver.

5 stars! If you live in the downtown area, I highly recommend this place. They squeezed us in for a last-minute health check-up and clipped our 10-year-old cat’s nails before closing. They are incredibly super kind.
Rebecca M.

For the first time in YEARS, our dogs actually LIKE going to see their vet! He is so warm and patient with them…like they are HIS dogs! Thanks Dr. Gonzalez for what you do and HOW you do it!
Caroline Y.

Dr. Gonzalez and his team are good with kids, too! We don’t have pets, but my son brought his (stuffed) class mascot into the clinic. Here is a picture of Dr. Gonzalez making sure their furry friend is doing well. Cynthia was also able to show my kids around the clinic and answer their questions. Thank you all for giving them a great educational experience!
Daniel W.

I can’t say enough great things about WellHaven. They are caring and compassionate and take great care of my cat Yoga! Thank you WellHaven!
Emily B.

After shadowing here I truly believe the people that work at WellHaven have a genuine joy for animals and working with other people. They will give your animal the best care.
Abby B.

I am a first-time pet-owner and several people recommended WellHaven Pet Health for me and my 2-year-old rescue Mocha. My pup had kennel cough that he picked up when at the Humane Society which made our first 2 weeks of rescue a little more difficult than I had expected however WellHaven made our first visit to the vet a memorable one. Mocha was a fearful and anxious dog who took some time to adapt to life outside the pound and the staff at WellHaven, with their “Fear Free” approach/philosophy really helped Mocha to enjoy his first and subsequent pet visits and not associate them with pain. We are hooked on WellHaven and I look forward to our visits to the vet and so does Mocha. The vet and vet assistants spend a lot of time helping me with my questions about dog ownership, behavior questions, training technique tips, etc….I can’t say enough great things about this clinic!
Janet K.

My 72lb Aussie/GSD mix needed a canine influenza shot before attending their Pet Camp and he squirms and writhes his way out of any type of restraint. But at WellHaven, they administered the shot within a matter of minutes, using their fear-free techniques and he was off to party with the other pups. I was absolutely thrilled with the service received and I look forward to many more pet camp visits (and so does Duke)!
Amy T.

Staff is always a delight. My dogs love it here, they give them the attention they need. Would recommend!
Debbie M.

Amazing staff. The hospital is clean, modern, has great technology and the staff couldn’t be better with my dog. The location is great and my dog is always excited to go to his appointment at WellHaven! I especially appreciate the fear-free techniques the staff uses to make sure my dog isn’t afraid to go to his check-ups. It is comforting to know the hospital is AAHA certified as well!d. Would recommend!
Paige S.

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WellHaven Pet Health Downtown Vancouver
700 Washington Street, Suite 106
Vancouver, WA 98660